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Sam Ninety started in 2001 as Kelly Web Design. Sam Ninety is a full-service Web design, development and hosting shop. As it's currently known, Sam Ninety is a one person business with all work done on a contract basis. As projects require, we can call on the help of others to assist with whatever needs your business might have. They are used on a sub-contractor basis. We handle Web site design for small to mid-sized businesses. Stillwater, Oklahoma is the base of operations for Sam Ninety Web Development. We'd be more than glad to meet you at your business for a consultation or electronically by phone or e-mail.

Who is "Sam Ninety?"

Aaron Kelly ("Sam Ninety") is the owner and Webmaster of Sam Ninety Web Development. He is an Emergency Communications Specialist (where the name Sam Ninety comes from). In addition to specializing in emergency communications, Aaron specializes in creating dynamic Web sites through the use of the PHP programming language and a MySQL database system. Aaron began designing Web sites in 1999 and started programming sites with PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) in 2001. In addition to PHP scripting, Aaron can also program sites using ASP (Active Server Pages).

Sam Ninety will on occasion sub-contract work out through qualified individuals who are experts of their trade. These sub-contractors are held to the highest standards.

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